Andrew & Valerie, Bethany

“We are the very proud owners of a custom-built house by Amity Construction and Design. I first met Russ at an open house in Bethany in 1999. While I was not ready to purchase and had some preconceived ideas about the ‘nightmares’ of building a home, Russ’s congeniality, understanding and knowledge of his craft left me with some serious interest in possibly building a home.

While we did not find a home that year, we did purchase some land in Bethany. My intentions were to build at a later date.

Over the years, my wife and I toured many new constructions for design ideas, layouts, and overall construction quality. Amity was far above the rest. This was further enhanced by the glowing recommendations and references from satisfied Amity home owners.

I reconnected with Russ in 2006 and we had several meetings concerning concept, layout, and overall schedule. He was flexible, a patient listener, knowledgeable, and overall very accommodating to our comments and concerns. I have to admit it was relatively easy to pick a design and layout for our house. From our conversations, Russ developed a very accurate concept of our likes and dislikes for the house. As a result, he developed a complete image of not only what the whole house should look like both inside and out but also how it reflects our lifestyle in terms of form and function. He was always available to discuss concepts, give helpful comments, and most importantly he promptly returned phone calls. Even when he personally delivered the contract, he carefully explained and patiently reviewed each page in order to make sure we understood the whole construction process. His calm yet competent voice comforted any anxiety we may have had. While we knew this was one of our biggest financial decisions, we also knew this was one of our best.

Russ’s familiarity with Bethany was apparent the day we walked the lot as he built a house in the area. Again, it was reassuring to know that he was familiar with the area and various town policies.

As construction began, I got to know some of his team of workers. From the land excavators to framers to painters, I was surprised to hear that many (if not all) have built with Amity for at least ten years. They all proudly spoke of Russ’s attention to detail, quality, and promptness of delivery.

When we had to start thinking about interior décor, Russ had his contractors lined up and ready to help out in our decisions. Again, they had the same accurate concept of what would work in this house and that further simplified the process for us. From light fixture selection to floor samples, each contractor not only spoke of Amity Construction’s quality but also Russ’s pride in his work. Again, more gratification from all sources in the process.

As construction neared completion, we began to converse with Jake. Always a friendly voice in the final hectic weeks in closing of one house and moving into another. Even after our move, Jake was checking up on us and clarifying the finishing touches that had to be done as well as keeping tabs on the punch list.

Overall, this home construction process was wonderful. Not once was there any question on whether we chose the right builder or if our house concept was appropriate. Amity Construction not only represents custom quality construction but also custom quality client satisfaction.”